CORONAvirus (COVID-19) infected daily graph/chart (logarithmic)

Daily graph/chart of COVID-19 novel coronavirus(2019-nCov), available to confirm outbreak in each country/region


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  United States(2,412,040)  EU(1,397,800)  United Kingdom(309,455)  Spain(219,764)  Iran(215,096)

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New York(400,561)California(253,655)Texas(188,834)Florida(178,586)New Jersey(174,598)

DEATH toll

  EU(155,008)  United States(124,280)  United Kingdom(43,314)  France(29,680)  Italy(25,969)

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Jun-25 new infected(401,430↗)

  EU(311,285↗)  United States(40,694↗)  South Africa(6,579↗)  Bangladesh(3,946↗)  Saudi Arabia(3,372↗)  Argentina(2,606↗)  Iran(2,595↗)  Iraq(2,437↗)  Egypt(1,569↗)  Ecuador(1,513↗)  Turkey(1,458↗)  Oman(1,366↗)  Indonesia(1,178↗)  United Kingdom(1,118↗)  Qatar(1,060↗)  Bolivia(1,016↗)  Panama(1,007↗)  Kuwait(909↗)  Guatemala(800↗)  Honduras(795↗)  Philippines(774↗)  Armenia(771↗)  Nigeria(594↗)  Azerbaijan(547↗)  Afghanistan(535↗)  Bahrain(511↗)  Dominican Republic(510↗)  Kazakhstan(465↗)  Ghana(460↗)  Romania(460↗)  Belarus(437↗)  Nepal(434↗)  Morocco(431↗)  UAE(430↗)  Canada(376↗)  Moldova(375↗)  Israel(356↗)  Equatorial Guinea(337↗)  Portugal(311↗)  Poland(298↗)  Kyrgyzstan(250↗)  Mauritania(220↗)  DR Congo(198↗)  Algeria(197↗)  Venezuela(197↗)  Uzbekistan(187↗)  El Salvador(186↗)  Kenya(178↗)  Ivory Coast(170↗)  Costa Rica(169↗)  Bulgaria(166↗)  North Macedonia(150↗)  Central African Republic(145↗)  Ethiopia(141↗)  Serbia(137↗)  Gabon(131↗)  Bosnia(120↗)  Benin(115↗)  Haiti(114↗)  Singapore(113↗)  Netherlands(110↗)  Belgium(109↗)  Senegal(104↗)  Croatia(95↗)  Sudan(95↗)  Czech Republic(93↗)  Albania(78↗)  Yemen(61↗)  Palestine(54↗)  Switzerland(52↗)  Somalia(43↗)  Madagascar(42↗)  Paraguay(41↗)  South Korea(39↗)  Antigua and Barbuda(39↗)  Australia(37↗)  Mali(34↗)  Austria(28↗)  Libya(28↗)  Mozambique(26↗)  Namibia(26↗)  Montenegro(25↗)  Slovakia(23↗)  Denmark(21↗)  Zimbabwe(21↗)  Rwanda(20↗)  Malawi(19↗)  Liberia(19↗)  Lebanon(18↗)  Maldives(16↗)  Suriname(16↗)  Uganda(16↗)  Eswatini(16↗)  Burkina Faso(15↗)  Jordan(15↗)  Angola(15↗)  Hong Kong(14↗)  China(13↗)  Syria(11↗)  Luxembourg(11↗)  Greece(11↗)  Sri Lanka(9↗)  Hungary(9↗)  Ireland(9↗)  Zambia(8↗)  Jamaica(6↗)  Iceland(6↗)  Guyana(6↗)  Slovenia(6↗)  Finland(5↗)  Togo(5↗)  Uruguay(5↗)  Djibouti(5↗)  Niger(5↗)  Cape Verde(4↗)  Malaysia(4↗)  Malta(3↗)  Georgia(3↗)  Chad(3↗)  Mongolia(3↗)  Cuba(2↗)  Tunisia(2↗)  Lithuania(2↗)  Taiwan(1↗)  Macau(1↗)  Gambia(1↗)Sao Tome and Principe(1↗)  New Zealand(1↗)  Estonia(1↗)  Cyprus(1↗)

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number of countries/regions

DEATH toll (505,274)

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It would be really cool if we could adjust the time on the graphs - so that I could look at just the data from March, for example, or I could pick out one week. The graphs all looked so different a month ago but all of that data now looks like nothing because the numbers have gotten so much bigger now. Thanks for doing this!
by dt at 2020-05-31 11:40:30 UTC
🇪🇺 available now! EU Population data is in 2016, European Union 28 countries including UK.
by web admin at 2020-04-30 13:43:48 UTC
Currently data source from The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at JHU from 2020-Apr-22. Not sure but this might be temporally.
by web admin at 2020-04-25 17:49:47 UTC
👷 NO UPDATES for 2 days because data source URL has no updates. I'm working on this but sorry for the inconvenience.
by web admin at 2020-04-24 07:06:09 UTC
Hi - Please don't make it a EU vs USA thing people are dying -
by kekus at 2020-04-24 00:49:40 UTC
Hi - Could you show a graph of EU vs USA -
by Shtig at 2020-04-22 11:02:15 UTC
🇨🇳 China available to compare now 😉
by web admin at 2020-04-15 19:02:32 UTC
Would be cool to see the number of recovered people in every country
by bruhh at 2020-04-11 21:00:08 UTC
Would be useful if China was included. Even if they (probably falsely) report minimal cases
by Z at 2020-04-06 09:17:32 UTC
Thanks for adding the logarithmic charting. The US rate of increase is gradually slowing! A basic first differential analysis shows the US death rate had a best fit with T-3 comparison to infections. This changed on March 26th to a best fit with T-1 infections. What changed? Hospital capacity becoming overwhelmed? Or testing processing being altered or increased?
by Chuck O at 2020-04-04 18:58:28 UTC
China's data can't be relied upon... just imagine if Trump could control the numbers released to the public. Smh.
by Shcon at 2020-04-04 14:24:38 UTC
logarithmic available now!
by web admin at 2020-04-04 04:43:58 UTC
If possible, a logarithmic plot of the data. And, when possible, please explain to those asking why China not included. Although readily apparent to many, the simple reason should be stated and do away these conspiracy theories
by Submariner RC at 2020-04-01 17:08:10 UTC
Please add total international deaths graph please. Similar to the total international infected graph.
by unknown at 2020-03-29 08:13:00 UTC
Why no logarithmic plots?
by unknown at 2020-03-28 20:55:27 UTC
Thank you for this chart. It really help see the seriousness of self isolation and social distancing. I can't believe the amount of hardship throughout the world and my heart goes out to all the health care workers who are the only interaction to those who are distant to those who love them.
by unknown at 2020-03-28 14:53:05 UTC
if china's stats where on there we would see the curve flatten and decline and we could forcast for ourselves
by unknown at 2020-03-28 00:48:11 UTC
This Graph seems a bit weird, almost as if its sponsored by China not showing its stats. So why isn't China on here? Afterall, the Chinese Government is the reason why the World is this mess now.
by unknown at 2020-03-25 03:54:17 UTC
Person or people making the graphs, could you do a daily difference between the number of deaths per day? Not cumulative but just global daily deaths. It could be more informative than infections due to the irregularity of people showing symptoms as well as test reliability and availability.
by unknown at 2020-03-24 18:21:14 UTC
I.O.C. and Japan Agree to Postpone Tokyo Olympics
by unknown at 2020-03-24 13:49:44 UTC
It’s time for herd immunity to be our method. Most of our cases are mild illnesses, not death. The sooner we are exposed to this the sooner we gain natural immunity. Staying apart too long will only introduce a whole new round of this when we all go back out there. Let’s give it one more week then get back to life. Protect those who are older. Wash your hands. Stay home if you’re sick and stay away from the elderly. Keep your kids home when they’re sick. Don’t touch your face without washing those hands. Kinda just normal smart everyday things to prevent any germ...
by Pixie at 2020-03-24 04:10:25 UTC
Added population data (except some countries/regions)
by web admin at 2020-03-23 11:15:19 UTC
I imagine the Chinese numbers are not being calculated due to their high probability of being false. This only muddles a data set, instead of bringing clarity
by unknown at 2020-03-22 09:09:18 UTC
I'm not seeing china's data in all this? Can this be fixed. I would like to do some comparisons
by unknown at 2020-03-21 17:57:13 UTC
Why are there no statistics here for the originating country ... it would be so illuminating at this early stage. Is China with holding this data now? Are you choosing not to include the data set from China. A flaw in this otherwise apparently helpful tool.
by Nigel at 2020-03-21 11:42:43 UTC
Very useful. Thank you very much.
by unknown at 2020-03-20 23:40:06 UTC

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📈check graph/chart of all countries/regions

🌍International(7,665,535)  United States(2,412,040)  EU(1,397,800)  United Kingdom(309,455)  Spain(219,764)  Iran(215,096)  Turkey(193,115)  Italy(192,994)  France(191,288)  Saudi Arabia(170,639)  Germany(154,999)  Bangladesh(126,606)  South Africa(118,375)  Canada(104,463)  Qatar(91,838)  China(83,462)  Russia(68,622)  Egypt(61,130)  Belgium(61,007)  Belarus(60,382)  Brazil(54,043)  Ecuador(53,156)  Argentina(52,457)  Indonesia(50,187)  Netherlands(50,122)  UAE(46,563)  Kuwait(42,788)  Singapore(42,736)  Portugal(40,415)  Iraq(39,139)  Oman(34,902)  Poland(33,119)  Philippines(33,069)  Switzerland(31,428)  Afghanistan(30,175)  Dominican Republic(29,141)  Panama(29,037)  Bolivia(28,503)  Ireland(25,405)  Romania(25,286)  India(24,530)  Bahrain(24,081)  Nigeria(22,614)  Armenia(22,488)  Israel(22,400)  Peru(21,648)  Kazakhstan(19,750)  Sweden(17,567)  Austria(17,477)  Guatemala(15,619)  Ghana(15,473)  Moldova(15,453)  Honduras(15,366)  Azerbaijan(14,852)  Serbia(13,372)  Mexico(12,872)  Japan(12,829)  Denmark(12,636)  South Korea(12,602)  Cameroon(12,592)  Algeria(12,445)  Chile(12,306)  Pakistan(11,940)  Morocco(11,338)  Nepal(11,162)  Czech Republic(10,870)  Sudan(8,984)  Norway(8,788)  Malaysia(8,600)  Ivory Coast(8,334)  Ukraine(8,125)  Australia(7,595)  Uzbekistan(7,177)  Finland(7,172)  DR Congo(6,411)  Senegal(6,233)  North Macedonia(5,595)  Haiti(5,543)  Kenya(5,384)  El Salvador(5,336)  Ethiopia(5,175)  Guinea(5,174)  Gabon(5,087)  Colombia(4,881)  Djibouti(4,635)  Venezuela(4,563)  Bulgaria(4,408)  Kyrgyzstan(4,204)  Luxembourg(4,151)  Hungary(4,123)  Bosnia(3,796)  Mauritania(3,739)  Greece(3,321)  Central African Republic(3,244)  Thailand(3,158)  Somalia(2,878)  Costa Rica(2,684)  Croatia(2,483)  Cuba(2,321)  Maldives(2,277)  Albania(2,192)  Nicaragua(2,170)  Kosovo(2,169)  Mali(2,039)  Sri Lanka(2,010)  Equatorial Guinea(2,001)  Estonia(1,984)  South Sudan(1,942)  Iceland(1,830)  Madagascar(1,829)  Lithuania(1,806)  Lebanon(1,662)  Slovakia(1,630)  Paraguay(1,569)  Guinea-Bissau(1,556)  Slovenia(1,547)  New Zealand(1,520)  Zambia(1,497)  Palestine(1,382)  Sierra Leone(1,354)  Hong Kong(1,193)  Tunisia(1,162)  Latvia(1,111)  Congo Republic(1,087)  Jordan(1,086)Charles de Gaulle ship(1,081)  Yemen(1,076)  Niger(1,056)  Benin(1,017)  Cape Verde(1,003)  Cyprus(992)  Malawi(960)  Burkina Faso(934)  Georgia(917)  Uruguay(907)  Chad(863)  Andorra(855)  Rwanda(850)  Uganda(821)  Mozambique(788)🚢Diamond Princess(712)Sao Tome and Principe(711)  Eswatini(706)  San Marino(698)  Libya(698)  Jamaica(684)  Liberia(681)  Malta(668)  Togo(588)  Zimbabwe(551)  Tanzania(509)  Taiwan(447)  Montenegro(414)  Suriname(373)  Vietnam(352)  Mauritius(341)  Isle of Man(300)  Myanmar(293)  Jersey(245)  Syria(242)  Guernsey(239)  Mongolia(219)  Guyana(215)  Angola(212)  Eritrea(144)  Burundi(144)  Brunei(141)  Gibraltar(132)  Cambodia(130)  Trinidad and Tobago(123)Northern Cyprus(108)  Bahamas(104)  Monaco(102)  Namibia(102)  Aruba(97)  Barbados(97)  Botswana(92)  Bermuda(83)  Liechtenstein(82)  Bhutan(70)  Antigua and Barbuda(65)  Cayman Islands(61)  Sint Maarten(57)  French Polynesia(55)  Macau(46)  Gambia(43)  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines(29)  Timor-Leste(24)  Belize(23)  Grenada(23)  Laos(19)  Saint Lucia(19)  New Caledonia(18)  Fiji(18)  Curaçao(15)  St Kitts and Nevis(15)  Vatican City(12)  Turks and Caicos Islands(11)  Greenland(11)  Seychelles(11)  Falkland Islands(11)  Montserrat(11)Western Sahara(10)  Papua New Guinea(10)  St Barthélemy(6)  British Virgin Islands(5)  Anguilla(3)