United States - CORONAvirus (COVID-19) infected daily graph/chart

United States - Daily graph/chart of COVID-19 novel coronavirus(2019-nCov), available to confirm outbreak in each country/region  >>check top 5 countries/regions


DEATH toll in United States

New York(42,434)California(38,927)Texas(36,024)Florida(25,832)New Jersey(21,234)

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   United States - Today(Nov-18)

Infected total recovered Infected =
total - recovered
11,464,327 4,350,789 7,113,538
DEATH toll
Population (2016)
death toll / population (% x1,000)
(=death toll per 100k people)

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California(3,252,557)Texas(2,310,785)Florida(1,676,163)New York(1,369,329)Illinois(1,114,798)Ohio(878,284)Georgia(861,830)Pennsylvania(824,216)Arizona(740,599)North Carolina(735,542)Tennessee(701,997)New Jersey(676,537)Indiana(620,275)Michigan(602,896)Wisconsin(585,600)Massachusetts(509,503)Virginia(488,553)Missouri(487,273)Minnesota(457,385)Alabama(449,086)South Carolina(427,231)Colorado(392,448)Louisiana(392,416)Oklahoma(379,110)Kentucky(356,837)Maryland(346,734)Utah(340,684)Iowa(316,114)Washington(309,604)Arkansas(288,964)Kansas(275,468)Nevada(274,042)Mississippi(268,672)Connecticut(247,339)Nebraska(188,979)New Mexico(171,047)Idaho(161,369)Oregon(140,063)Puerto Rico(125,859)West Virginia(117,775)Rhode Island(113,009)South Dakota(107,608)North Dakota(97,185)Montana(92,619)Delaware(75,832)New Hampshire(63,563)Alaska(53,322)Wyoming(51,368)Maine(38,170)District of Columbia(35,865)Hawaii(25,366)Vermont(11,379)Guam(8,537)Virgin Islands(2,373)Northern Mariana Islands(131)
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The curve is NOT flattening, folks. Look at the graph at the top of this web page. This graph is titled: "United States - CORONAvirus (COVID-19) infected daily graph/ chart." From 3/28 to 5/30 it is a straight line
by Knows Statistics at 2020-06-01 17:32:33 UTC
Out of the top 10 states with coronavirus cases, 7 are run by Democrat governors; the top 5 are all strongly Democratic with the strictest shelter-in-place orders in the country. I'm pro-flattening the curve but the SIP orders were supposed to do just that. So what happened in NY, NJ, IL, CA, MA?
by unknown at 2020-05-30 16:51:09 UTC
How come the numbers are no longer updating? You've had the same numbers for several days now.
by unknown at 2020-04-24 14:44:59 UTC
Trunt fans busy trying to blame China. They need to focus blame elsewhere. Passing the buck.
by unknown at 2020-04-09 19:57:43 UTC
percent should be times 100 not 1000
by unknown at 2020-03-31 12:47:45 UTC
China is left out because they lie about their numbers. We will never know the real numbers.
by unknown at 2020-03-30 12:25:32 UTC
why is china and/or Wuhan been left off of your country/region list???
by unknown at 2020-03-26 16:03:42 UTC

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