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Diamond Princess(13)

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­čÜó Diamond Princess - Today(Jun-25)

Infected total recovered Infected =
total - recovered
712 651 61
DEATH toll
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Is this a microcosm of the virus' effect? A full compliment of the Diamond Princess is 3711 that is apparently how many people were on aboard. The chances are everybody was exposed to the virus multiple times. The known infected number is approximately 25% and the death rate is approximately 1.5%. Is social distancing and shutting down the economy going to stop this or just prolong the agony and increase the overall damage done. Look at the time frame of the virus. If allowed to "run it's course" it is a over in weeks. What we are doing now will cause damage for decades. We are failing the test because we are not strong enough to face the adversity. The hole world is trying to hide and it just will not work.
by Dan at 2020-04-10 16:17:57 UTC

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