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Canada - Daily graph/chart of COVID-19 novel coronavirus(2019-nCov), available to confirm outbreak in each country/region  >>check top 5 countries/regions


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   Canada - Today(Nov-18)

Infected total recovered Infected =
total - recovered
314,385 0 314,385
DEATH toll
Population (2016)
death toll / population (% x1,000)
(=death toll per 100k people)
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Comment about Canada travel ban, restricted movements, suspension, visa, quarantine or isolation etc.

Hmmm... 14 days for infection incubation and for isolation. Canadian lockdown began March 20, 2020. The “curve” only took off AFTER that initial 14-21 days. Where is the massive down-step in the curve? Oh right, there wasn’t one. Lockdown is not about a virus with a 0.1-0.3% mortality rate. If is about a global reorganization and power shift. But keep on believing your main stream media...
by unknown at 2020-05-12 05:05:40 UTC
Hey Canadians, listen to the health minister. We can kill this virus in two weeks if we stop moving. Really Guys. At least do what you as a Canadian should do for everybody or suffer the consequences and right now at this point we are still not totally being responsible. Do you part Canadians. Stick together
by Traveler at 2020-04-01 18:08:07 UTC
Government officials are doing a tremendous job! Too many people are not taking this pandemic seriously. Stay at home. Don't take the family shopping. One person only. I'm staying at home doing my part as a good Canadian!
by unknown at 2020-03-30 15:52:09 UTC
Keep in mind that the graph you see today reflects people who were infected two weeks ago. For example, the people reported on March 27 in Saskatchewan who attended the snowmobile rally were infected on March 14. Most of the important restrictions on travel, banning large groups, mandatory self isolation for travellers etc. came after that. So we wouldn't expect the curve to start to flatten until 2 weeks or more after those events.
by qwerty at 2020-03-29 21:10:41 UTC
I am doing what our PM is recommending us to do. But I believe that some people are not listening otherwise the graph should start to level. Canadians are not all doing there part in this. I have great respect for Canadians that are isolating and doing there part. Canadians need to do more now to save our country from great amount of deaths and till the scientist find an antidote or sirrum for that monster. And yes I am keeping in touch with the news to better prepare myself for the next step if this does not level. I am Canadian.
by Bob snowbird at 2020-03-28 14:16:30 UTC

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